Courses offered at KNUST Obuasi Campus

KNUST Obuasi Campus is no less nor different from any other university campus in Ghana in terms of vision, mission and caliber of education and standards.

However, Obuasi Campus, for most part offers engineering courses. Including:

Electrical and Electronic engineering
Civil Engineering
Material Engineering
Metallurgical engineering
Geomatic engineering
Geological survey engineering are amongst others are the engineering courses offered at the Obuasi campus.

Furthermore, the KNUST Obuasi campus also offers Business Administration courses like logistics, international business relation, marketing and human resource and more. Rescheduled, Obuasi campus now offers Midwifery and nursing courses in addition to its environmental science courses.

You would be amazed that, the results produced on Obuasi Campus by its students has been so amazing as compared to that of the Kumasi campus. Indeed they say, focus is the supreme advocacy of the determined.

Report by : Miss Sabina

(Tek O Times)

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