KNUST Obuasi campus’s Developmental Projects advances

KNUST in 2019, admitted over 364 students into KNUST Obuasi as part of fulfilling their objective of extending quality tertiary education to Ghanaians across the country. The pioneers of the Obuasi campus inherited the space, that initially held offices and bungalows for Anglogold Ashanti(AGA) workers.

The Obuasi campus started with not so a great number of students, but because, it is a new and growing campus, there were many hardships the pioneers faced. There were not too many students therefore, not so many lecture rooms were needed for the smooth running of academic activities, lectures.

Over the past three academic years, the number of students receiving education at the Obuasi campus has tripled and over 1800 students are taking various courses on the campus. The increasing number of students on the campus has increased the demand for lecture halls and rooms to help in hosting students and lecturers during lectures. In the school’s quest to curb the various challenges of students on the campus, various activities are going on campus.

There have been six newly renovated lecture halls, one big renovated auditorium, WiFi installations at relevant points and other various structures to help in smooth learning activities on campus. There are 13 offices renovated purposely for administrative purposes; office for the newly appointed Vice Registrar, Lecturers Common Room for the fifteen resident lecturers that were posted here for the first time.

Moreover, seventeen Teaching Assistants have also been given 3 bungalows, which won’t be paid for by them. There are many other improvements on the campus to cushion the previous hardships of the pioneers and in no time, in the near future, students that are admitted onto the Obuasi campus are going to have a more comfy environment for studies throughout their tertiary life.

Report by: Francis Hilbrands Agyemang.

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