The University Teacher’s Association Ghana(UTAG) has indefinitely called off its strike. UTAG started this strike on 10th January 2022, demanding better conditions of service.

UTAG wants the government to restore their 2012 living conditions of service, which pegged the monthly income for entry-level lecturers at $2,084.

Academic activities resumed two weeks ago because UTAG agreed to temporarily call off its strike. Per reports yesterday, UTAG has finally agreed to call off its strike, after assurance from the education ministry to resolve the concerns of the teachers in this association.

Because of this, academic activities will continue in all public universities across the country. UTAG and the NLC appeared in court yesterday for the final ruling. After which UTAG agreed to call off its indefinite strike.

“UTAG! Not happy with the temporary arrangement. Our victory, however, lies in our clear message that, under the current leadership of which some of us are part, no one can disrespect and misbehave towards us. ” This is a statement made by Prof. Gyampo, University Of Ghana UTAG-secretary.

Report by: Jeffrey Addy

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