Have Routine Eye Checks To Avoid Glaucoma – Dr Dzifa

Glaucoma is a medical condition that affects the eyes. President of the Glaucoma Society of Ghana and Paediatric Ophthalmologist Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Dzifa Bella Ofori-Adjei says Glaucoma diagnosis in most parts of Africa differs in cause and outcome and reason.

Research is ongoing in some African countries including Ghana to help with new treatment options for the disease.

Speaking at the launch of 2022 Glaucoma week in Accra, Dr Ofori-Adjei encouraged persons who are 50 years and above to participate in the research which will significantly improve Glaucoma treatment in Ghana and Africa at large.

The research titled “Eyes of Africa, the genetics of blindness” is ongoing in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Dr Ofori-Adjei said it will find genes associated with Glaucoma in Africa for informed diagnosis and treatment options. She said Glaucoma is a silent killer and encouraged the public to screen for Glaucoma once a year.

Glaucoma damages the optic nerve which is vital for good vision. The damage is usually caused by abnormally high pressure in the high.

When detected early, it can be treated with eye drops, pills and laser surgery among other medical interventions. This year’s Glaucoma week celebration is themed, “The world is bright, save your sight”.

Free eye screenings are been offered at selected health facilities including Korle-Bu hospital, Emmanuel eye clinic, Cocoa clinic, etc.

Report by: Cindy

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