Ghana has always been Nigeria’s biggest problem – Gary Al-Smith

Multimedia Sports Journalist, Gary Al-Smith, says despite the clear mismatch of Ghana’s team against Nigeria’s; taking into consideration the achievements of both teams’ strikers in their respective leagues, Ghana poses a dangerous risk to Nigeria’s World Cup qualification bid.

According to him, whereas most other games can be predicted, sports analysts are often left at a loss when it comes to Ghana-Nigeria games due to the high adrenaline and high emotions present.
The Black Stars of Ghana, he says, has particularly been a thorn in the flesh of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

“Anytime we have faced them, 8 times out of 10 it’s very rare for us to present a team that is playing for players in everything, or have more goals and stuff than Nigeria, mostly. And that is what makes the rivalry sweet because we are the problematic small brother. We’re stubborn.”

According to him, the high-emotion-driven nature of the game has paid off in the hype surrounding Ghana-Nigeria games. Ghana and Nigeria will go head-to-head at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi on Friday in a bid to win a spot in the World Cup Tournament in Qatar.

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