Abena Korkor Goes Too Far this around

Abena Korkor has gone crazy again and gone further than ever, dropping a photo of her raw ‘nyash’ on social media. Netizens could not get over the fact that she seriously shared a photo, wearing nothing with her ‘bum’ showing on camera.

Her African beads were also showing fully. Every once in a while, Abena Korkor tests the boundaries of what she can get away with on social media.

If she is not mentioning names of celebrities who have allegedly slept with her, she is sharing naughty photos or videos to cause commotion on social media.

It seems the bipolar patient thrives off the attention her actions cause, but later claims it’s due to the bipolar disorder and begs for forgiveness. And that is always after getting all the attention she already wanted.

Report by Deborah

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