Youth Peace Ambassadors Club Launched In Ashanti Region

Usually, there are many dangers posed to the peace and stability of Ghana. Disputes erupt from the rush for chieftaincies, land disputes, disputes during elections and so many other occurrences that pose a threat to the peace of the societies we find ourselves in. The Ashanti Regional Peace Council, having the Commonwealth Secretariat as a backing, has started initiating the idea of forming a Senior High School group: Youth Peace Ambassadors Club.

The Youth Peace Ambassadors Club is a club, that is going to educate and give the youth knowledge and skills on how to approach situations without the use of violent means in the quest to solve their differences. Dr Ustaz Ahmed Seidu, a Board Member of the Ashanti Regional Peace Council during the launch of the club, stated the fact that, in a way to maintain peace and prevent conflicts in society, there should be some kind of youth empowerment, as he sees youth to be the major stakeholders.

Conflicts are, as a matter of fact, are things that can never be eliminated completely and usually, the results of these conflicts are very damaging and destructive. In other to lessen the destructive feature of conflicts and all other things that pose a great threat to the peace of the society, some mechanisms are put in place to manage these conflicts to either prevent them or better still, lessen the kind of impact the ones that erupt without caution.

The launch of the Youth Peace Ambassadors Club took place at the Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi. At the launch, the Executive Secretary of the Ashanti Regional Peace Council, Rev. Emmanuel Badu Amoah, spelt out the objectives of the club and used the opportunity to call for help from Ghanaians to support such a good initiative, which will go a long way to train the future leaders of Ghana to learn peace, know peace, teach peace and live peacefully.

Report by:
Agyemang Francis Hilbrands.

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