Money for KNUST Obuasi SRC: Dean agrees to release monies for SRC and College leaders

The governing body of the KNUST Obuasi campus SRC had an all-important meeting with the KNUST Kumasi authorities weeks ago.

On Wednesday, 11th February, 2022 these school authorities from the Kumasi campus attended the meeting in the Obuasi campus. They included the KNUST Dean of Students, Professor Wilson Agyare and his accountant, Mr Andoh, and the KNUST SRC president, H.E. Michael Abuah and his Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anokye Andrew.

As mentioned earlier, they came to have a meeting with the KNUST Obuasi SRC and other student leaders. The KNUST Obuasi campus Dean of Students, Professor Richard Buamah was also present.

Key among the resolutions of the meeting was the agreement on the disbursement of funds. The KNUST Dean of Students agreed to the Obuasi SRC’s plea to allow them access to their SRC dues. Thus, the Dean agreed to allow the Obuasi SRC access to their students’ dues just as the KNUST SRC, Kumasi currently enjoys.

The agreement further noted that unlike the Kumasi campus SRC that is allowed to spend only 75 per cent of their SRC dues, the Obuasi campus SRC would be allowed to spend up to 90 per cent.

However, there would be an annual decrease in the percentage to eventually match that of the Kumasi campus SRC. Therefore, the Obuasi campus SRC can now readily receive its funds upon submitting a budget statement.

Moreover, the Presidents of the various colleges, faculties and departments on the Obuasi campus would also be given access to their college dues. Their monies too would be released on the same terms as that of the Obuasi SRC. In effect, college-level leaders like the President of the KSB, which is under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, can now access their monies.

The leadership of the various colleges, faculties and departments were present for these discussions. Meanwhile, there were other equally important resolutions from the meeting, which I would be sharing with you subsequently.

For now, feel free to share your thoughts on what the SRC and College leaders should use these monies for. Bye.

By: Anamoo Christopher Emmanuel (iChris)

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