GHAMSU induction and inauguration sets path for religious unions

There are various religions across Ghana. Ghanaians during a time in their lives may find themselves in a particular area, where there are diverse religious groups, especially during their S.H.S and Tertiary levels of education.

Students then tend to join religious unions of their faith on campus to keep their faith.

In long-established institutions, there are well established religious groups. Thus, the Muslim students union and various students unions for various churches in Ghana.

KNUST Obuasi-Campus being a new campus is yet to experience such well established religious unions on campus.

However, Sunday, February 27, 2022, marked the day the Ghana Methodist Students’ Union (GHAMSU) in their quest to follow Jesus’ order to make disciples of all nations, had an induction and inauguration service to formally establish the Methodist Students’ group on the KNUST- Obuasi Campus.

The induction and inauguration service, which started at 8:30 am, took place at the Wesley Cathedral Church, Obuasi. The service took place during the normal Sunday church service of the Cathedral, which was led by the Head Bishop of the Wesley Cathedral Church at Obuasi.

The Head Bishop after the praises and worship session called forward all the executives, who were dressed in a GHAMSU cloth to start the induction ceremony.
The Head Bishop inducted about 25 executives to lead the society for this academic year. These executives during their induction had support from all national, diocesan, circuit and local GHAMSU heads.

After the induction ceremony, the Head Bishop read out the Constitution to all the members of the society and after that, he did the inauguration, prayed for all of them and declared the KNUST-Obuasi now has a formal GHAMSU on campus with recognized leaders to spearhead the affairs of the Methodist students on campus.

It was a real delight for all the students and the Methodist Church at large to have witnessed such a successful and glorious induction and inauguration of the Ghana Methodist Students’ Union on the Obuasi Campus.

GHAMSU, Obuasi local, has set the path for other Christian societies on campus to also have a recognized student body to share the common faith they hold.

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