Mariupol, Ukraine evacuation suspended

On 24th February 2022, Putin ordered a military invasion into Ukraine as a means of preventing Ukraine from joining certain associations like NATO that are seen to be a threat on the side of Putin.

The invasion has continued till date and has caused so many bombings and shootings across top cities in Ukraine, killing a great number of people, destroying properties and causing fear among the people of Ukraine. Leaders across the world have advised that Putin puts an end to the order of destruction, but that has fallen on the deaf ears of Putin, who is determined to prevent the Ukrainians from taking such political decisions.

Ukranians that are very vulnerable: women, children and the old people, who cannot join in the war, have found refuge at special hiding places under bridges, churches and other places of refuge. Neighboring countries such as Poland have hosted so many refugees from Ukraine as a result of the ongoing war. People from Ukraine flee in great numbers to neighbouring countries either by foot, other means of transport or a special evacuation operation. The Russians are proving to be stubborn in terms of allowing the flee of the Ukrainians and are trying to prevent them from leaving the country.
Mariupol, that is a Southern city of Ukraine had a plan to evacuate residents has been put to a halt as the intention of evacuating people from the city has been hijacked by the Rusians. It is known that, on Saturday, March 05, 2020, there was such an intention to evacuate people, but the Russians attacked them from another route, which made them terminate the evacuation process. The immediate Russian shelling has caused the death of three persons, who tried to run from Irpin, Ukraine, after the bridge they were taking was attacked by the Rusians.

Per UN, over 1.5million people have been able to flee from Ukraine into neighboring countries. It is alleged that over 2,000 people are in Russian custodies after there was a call for anti-war protests. President Putin has re-stated that his actions are not going to change until their demands are met.

Reported by: Francis, KNUST OBUASI.

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