Christian Life On Campus After UTAG Strike

Academic activities in universities across the country have been halted for over five weeks now, because of the UTAG strike, which sprouted out of the demands of lecturers, an increase in their salary, not met. KNUST resumed the academic year on 15th January, 2022, but because of the strike of UTAG, students were present during the period of the said date, but no academic activity went on. Students anticipated that, by the end of January, the lecturers might have been sorted out, but they waited so long and could not wait any further, when the first two weeks of February was also squandered without lectures.

The disturbing fact of the matter made most students leave for their homes, since the monies given for food have already finished and the mode for starvation, activated; they say: if for nothing, our parents will not leave us to starve when we are home. Like the prodigal son, most students have gone back home to satisfy their starve. In my quest to find the impact this strike has had on Christian societies on the Obuasi campus, I joined the various denominations that had service on campus, and to have a little feel of their service after the impact of the strike.

As I entered the entrance, quite a great number of students were present for the service of The Lord’s Shepherds Ministry, that was ongoing in the first lecture room on the left to the TAs’ office. With their hearts filled with the love and faith in God, they joined the leader, who led them to a spirit-filled moment of prayer. Students present took the opportunity to pour all their hearts out to God with most of them speaking in tongues. I was there with them for some time and I moved on to the next two lecture halls, A103, which hosted the Apostolic students.

“APOSA!!!”, the leader shouted, and there was a harmonious response from the members, “Arise and build!!!”. I entered later than their time of start of service so, I missed the very start of their service, but I met them at a point, where members were invited to come in front and minister a song to the Glory of God. I was dumbfounded by the fact that, male students stood up to minister powerfully. Indeed, it is only the appreciative heart that’ll push men to sing their hearts out in thanksgiving.

I met the Methodist students, GHAMSU and Presbyterians, NUPSG at OSC 2 having joint service. I was there at, just about the start of their service. The opening prayer was said and the processional hymn was called; Methodist hymn 10, Presbyterian hymn 1. I joined them in singing and the first stanza touched me so much:

“Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices, who wondrous things has done, in whom this world rejoices; who from our mothers’ arms has blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love, and still is ours today.”

After the processional hymn, the singing ministry was invited to lead praises and worship. I joined them for some time and moved to PENSA. Though I went there very late so I did not meet a great part of the start of their service, but I met the preacher preaching. His preaching was themed, “A revived church as the salt of the world.” He quoted scripts from the Bible, that talked about Christians being the salt of the earth, and he motivated listeners to be the salt that brings taste to the lives of others, for is salt loses its taste, it’s just thrown away and walked over.

My quest was over after I joined PENSA for their service and enjoyed a powerful message from their preacher. TLS had the largest number of students, relative to the other denominations that had service on campus today. I had the chance to have a chat with the assistant secretary of GHAMSU, Ms. Naphelia Nana Afua, and she highlighted the fact that, the strike has really had an impact on the turnout of students for their Sunday service and that, she believes after the strike, students will come back from their various homes and join them for service on campus. many have gone home, but the ones present in Obuasi had no reason to not join their brothers and sisters to thank God and ask him for various favors as today marked a day in the memory of their savior, Jesus Christ.

By: Agyemang Francis Hilbrands, TOT.

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