Kidi overtakes Wendy Shay’s operation Grammy awards

Even though Wendy Shay made a statement that 2022 is a year for Ghana’s Grammy Awards, it looks like the statement she made isn’t for her. Right now in Ghana, the most trending song is Touch It remix composed by Kidi and Tyga.

According to Spotify, “Kidi’s Touch It is the most exported solo song from Ghana”.

Kidi’s recent collaboration with Tyga has really helped the Music Industry as well. Most fans of Kidi are hoping for him to get to the USA Billboard charts and not just get there but also, bring home a Grammy award afterward.

Meanwhile, Wendy Shay has been releasing songs this year, but it looks like the songs are not doing well as she planned.
Let’s watch out! Kidi or Wendy Shay would bring the Grammy this year.

Reported by: Deborah

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