Russia Worsens Invasion Of Ukraine

Things are getting worse in Eastern Europe as troops from Russia continues their invasion of Ukraine. More Russian troops are finding their way to Kharkiv the second largest city in Ukraine. A report on 26th February recorded that a missile was targeted on Kyiv causing an explosion which later rendered many people homeless.

The Ukraine president has spoken to his people advising them to remain calm although the situation keeps on intensifying.

A Russian soldier took a video of himself and other soldiers as they were causing destruction to some part of Kyiv. It has been further reported that Russia has unveiled a nuclear weapon tagged with the name Satan 2, it has been said by researchers that this missile is capable of destroying nearly one-third of the world.

According to President Putin of Russia, he said he will not hesitate to target this missile should Incase USA, NATO and any other country tries to interfere.
Also as of now, many Ukrainians have made their way to the borders which have not yet been attacked and hoping to make their way to neighbouring countries like Romania.

Based on several reports, It has not been easy for Ukrainians as many deaths have been recorded overnight.
A report specified that the reason behind this invasion is that President Putin does not want Ukraine to join NATO.

Report by: Deborah.

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