Second Sitting Of The 1st General Assembly Of The KNUST Obuasi SRC

The General Assembly sitting started at 8:30 am in the OSC new auditorium. Opening prayer was said by the speaker. Minutes of the previous sitting was read by the clerk.A call for the move of the acceptance of the minutes was done by Hon. Maadan of AGES constituency and Hon. Elizabeth of HESA.

Report on last week’s vetting and results were announced by Hon. Michael Duncan, HESA and ENSA constituency.According to the results, the competency from His Lordship, Haruna Shamuna and others, with Pascal, earned a score of 90. The transport committee had nothing to offer, they had no vision. It was suggested that something should be done about the incompetent appointees.

The speaker requested for recommendation during AOB. CAUCUS HEADS Reported. According to the GESA Head, everything is going on well and there are programs to be organized. HESA head also stated that there are few students in the constituency and therefore, students are few in their numbers to stand for positions.

Communication is poor because of the two different colleges coming together. Unfortunately, KSB was absent for the CAUCUS report. AGES constituency was sworn in with Acheampong Nancy being their secretary. The budget was read by the Financial Secretary. The budget is named the “Badwenba” budget.

The speaker requested for a copy of the budget to the General Assembly for easy follows as it is being read.According to the budget, there are Little funds but the achievement of about 80% of policies is assured.

Reported by: Cindy

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