The Debate Over The Obuasi SRC Budget

After the Financial Secretary, Mr Emmanuel Aryeetey delivered the Budget on the floor of the General Assembly, it was then time to debate upon it.

The debate started at exactly 10:20 am. The honourable members were seated and ready to debate.
Members of the General Assembly argued:
Obuasi campus funds are not that much, so why a huge sum of money for the SRC office. The house is not against the SRC office but the estimated amount for renovation is too huge.

The amount for the SRC academic funds is too small. The SRC academic funds are not for departments, but SRC projects on academics. The SRC should focus more on improving the campus academically.

The financial secretary addressing these issues stated that the estimated amount for the SRC office is GHC 12,000. Certain information must be kept in this office. The estimated amount is GHC 12,000 because the office given to the SRC by the school is in very bad condition.
There is no money allocated for the office of the woman’s commissioner. “The womens’ commission is under the welfare funds,” the financial secretary noted.

In the budget, it was stated that GHC 200 food packages for at least 50 needed but brilliant students. The whole house disagreed with the number of students who will receive this food package.
As stated in the budget, an amount of GHC 3,000 has been allocated to the general assembly. “This amount should be increased “- said an honourable member of the General Assembly.

The 2021/2022 budget was successfully agreed upon by the general assembly. And the second sitting of the second session of the 1st general was adjourned.

Report by: Jeffrey Addy

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