The PR And Communications Summit over the weekend

In a world where there is constant peace, constant leader-follower communication is highly respected and observed. In the many duties of the leaders of various societies and the SRC, accountability and transparency are expected from their tenure of office: the start, during and at the end. In the effective dissemination of information, the core heads of affairs cannot add it to their many other duties and in a way to keep the peace and calm of chaos out of information asymmetry, Public Relations stand-in for the Heads of affairs in linking the leaders directly to their followers.

In other to keep a very effective role-performance of the Public Relations Officers of the KNUST Obuasi Campus, the PRO of the SRC, Mr Leroy Oduro, spearheaded the organization of a program, PR And Communication Summit, on July 2, 2022, to equip all Public Relations Officers of all societies on campus with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them in performing their information dissemination roles on campus without flaws, or if there should be, be kept at a very minimum level.

The PR And Communication Summit hosted guests, who spoke about Time Management, Effective information dissemination, Rules on Public Relations, Roles of PROs and other sub-topics, that popped up in the course of the summit. The summit saw Mrs Janet Adu Poku, Dr Love Konadu, Mr Prince Newman and the Coordinating Dean of the Obuasi campus, Professor Richard Boamah, gracing the occasion and serving the PROs present with presentations on the topic mentioned above.

Many questions needed answers and the guests didn’t hold back any answers available. There was a very good interactive program between the PROs and the guests and it was all joy and smiles throughout the program, as there was great equipment of skills and knowledge in the PROs.

Reported by: Francis

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